Aug 30


先日、大西民子の第三歌集『無数の耳』の勉強会に参加する機会があった。準備にあたって、自分は図書館から『無数の耳』の単行本を借りたのだが、そこには「石も呻く」という十一首連作の三首目から八首目までの範囲を指して「全歌集 異歌」と書き込みがあった。当日、勉強会でこのことを話題にしたところ、沖積舎版の全歌集を持っていた方にその場で比較してもらうことができたのだが、この三首目から八首目までの六首が見事なまでに全く違う歌になっており、全員が驚いた。これはいったいどういうことなのだろうか。


Aug 20

Continued Fractions, Part 5: Redefining Finite Continued Fractions

In this series of articles so far, we have excluded continued fractions where some of so-called partial numerators ($b_k$ in this series) are zero. However, the author has realized that there might be plenty of classical results which include such continued fractions at least as minor cases. In fact, he carelessly described one of such results in Part 3. Therefore, he decided to devise a unified …


Apr 29

Continued Fractions, Part 1: Definitions

Continued fractions seem to be somewhat a minor topic in modern mathematics, and the author thinks it’s one of reasons why he has always been feeling difficulty in finding literature which gives minimal and clean description of them. Therefore, he decided to create a starting point for that purpose. Important notice: content of this article will be totally taken over by those of Part 5 and …


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